A Hunter’s First Rite


I introduced my first original story at Strange New Worlds today.

Take a minute to read A Hunter’s First Rite, a science fiction tale set in the same universe as Alien People. My newest story centers on Janon, a young Ferrentian passing through an important rite that marks his maturation into a hunter among his people.

Here’s a snippet from the story to get you started:

Their sensors detected no movement from maimans in the surrounding area. Janon’s muscles stiffened in the icy air. His hands quivered. He wondered how much longer it would take them to spot a maiman.

Janon’s father preached patience.

“Our eyes and ears are the most effective weapons we carry as hunters,” his father told him when they first set out for the forest from their village. “Care for them the way you care for one belonging to our clan, and they will never fail you.”

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