Hiding From Shadows Release Day!

I have a Friday the 13th surprise for my fans!

Hiding From Shadows can be purchased from major booksellers worldwide starting today. You may recall I first released this ghost story as a four-part serialized tale to readers of my Strange New Worlds newsletter back in October, 2021. Now I’ve brought this short haunting tale together in a single volume published through Samak Press.

Here’s a synopsis of this haunting short ghost story set in rural Louisiana:

Every night is a personal battle to survive until morning for Ellen. An unseen menace lurks in the shadows outside her home. Will it strike without mercy once she lets her guard down?

Ellen wanted more than to spend her life in a backwater Louisiana town. She seeks to leave the bayou and travel the world while fulfilling her ambitions. But a troubling past has swallowed that future. Nearly a year has passed since she last laid eyes on Ray. He swore to return and exact revenge against Ellen for ending their unhappy marriage. A nightly vigil awaits when sunlight yields to moonlight. No one can help. Armed with her trusted bat, Ellen must stand alone as an inevitable confrontation with her darkest fear looms on the horizon.

Hiding From Shadows is an unsettling ghost story from the mind of author John Coon. If you like heart-pounding scares and unexpected twists, you’ll love this chilling and terrifying short horror story set in the Deer Falls universe.

The eBook edition of Hiding From Shadows is available at all major booksellers and a paperback edition will be available through Amazon. I plan to create an audiobook edition in the near future. I’ll keep you all posted when it becomes available.

Hiding From Shadows will also remain on Strange New Worlds in serialized form for subscribers to my newsletter. You can read part one for free. The rest of the story — part two, part three, and part four — is exclusive to paid subscribers.