Snow Dragon is Live!

I’m jumping back into the realm of serialized stories with Snow Dragon, a prequel to Pandora Reborn set three years before my debut novel. Snow Dragon is a horror story set in Deer Falls. If you’ve read Pandora Reborn, you may recognize the fictional Colorado town as the main setting for that story.

If you’re a fan of monster horror, this 10-part serial should top your reading list. Here’s a glimpse at what to expect from Snow Dragon’s 10 episode run.

An earthquake has awakened a mythical monster dwelling beneath Deer Falls. Can this deadly predator be subdued before it destroys the small Colorado town? 

Evan Duggan, a wildlife biologist, is greeted with a perplexing case when people throughout Deer Falls start falling victim to gruesome animal attacks. This mysterious species is unlike any he has ever encountered and leaves him scrambling to figure out how to protect the town.

Marie, Evan’s wife, uncovers evidence pointing to the creature’s ancient mythical origins. Soon the couple, and their son Casey, are caught in the crosshairs amid the monster’s growing rampage. Will they find a way to destroy this dangerous animal before it drives them and all of Deer Falls to extinction?

Snow Dragon is a terrifying new prequel to Pandora Reborn from author John Coon.

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