Looking to hire me to help you with ghostwriting, editing, or proofreading your story? Here’s what you need to know before we get started:

What qualifies you to be a ghostwriter and editor? 

I possess extensive professional experience as a writer and editor. I’ve worked as a professional journalist for nearly two decades. During that time, I’ve written thousands of articles and blog posts. I’m also a published author with four novels to my credit over the past four years. Simply put, I have a trained eye for what makes a compelling story and how to structure a story in a way that engages a reader. 

How much do you charge?

My rates vary on a sliding scale based on the length of the manuscript and the deadline for completion. I charge per hour rates for writing. I charge per word rates for editing. I charge per page rates for proofreading. 

Do you require up-front payments?

Yes. An invoice detailing exact charges based on the parameters of the project will be sent to a client. Full payment must be made within a 48-hour period before any work commences on the project. Failure to pay the invoice in full will result in the prompt termination of any work agreement with a client.

Do you charge for revisions?

Any requested revisions will be performed using the same rate specified at the beginning of the project. A second invoice will be sent detailing the new charges. 

Do you only edit fiction? 

No. I welcome clients who want help with non-fiction books, essays, and other such projects. I have an extensive background as a journalist, so I’m well versed in what works in crafting compelling non-fiction content. 

Will you write or edit in any genre? 

I’m flexible with genres with one exception. I do not wish to read or edit erotica and will not accept projects that fall under that genre label. Everything else is fair game.