In Hell’s Shadow 

Trapped in an unfamiliar place far from home, Kate must confront a once-buried nightmare anew. Will it lead her down a path of certain destruction?

Kate’s plans for a weekend getaway with Sarah take a frightening turn when her car plunges through a guardrail during a blinding rainstorm. Now left on a darkened canyon road with no transportation, and no way to reach out to Sarah for help, Kate is forced to accept assistance from a mysterious man in a beat-up pickup truck. Hitching a ride with this stranger is only the first step in a frightening journey to an isolated mountain cabin.

Kate soon finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with this mysterious person connected to secrets from her past. Can she find the strength to deliver herself from this hopeless situation before it grows too late?

In Hell’s Shadow is an intense paranormal horror short story from author John Coon. If you enjoy campfire ghost stories, you will love this creepy tale.


Hiding From Shadows 

Every night is a personal battle to survive until morning for Ellen. An unseen menace lurks in the shadows outside her home. Will it strike without mercy once she lets her guard down?

Ellen wanted more than to spend her life in a backwater Louisiana town. She seeks to leave the bayou and travel the world while fulfilling her ambitions. But a troubling past has swallowed that future. Nearly a year has passed since she last laid eyes on Ray. He swore to return and exact revenge against Ellen for ending their unhappy marriage.

A nightly vigil awaits when sunlight yields to moonlight. No one can help. Armed with her trusted bat, Ellen must stand alone as an inevitable confrontation with her darkest fear looms on the horizon.

Hiding From Shadows is an unsettling ghost story from the mind of John Coon. If you like heart-pounding scares and unexpected twists, you’ll love this chilling and terrifying short horror story set in the Deer Falls universe.

This story is also available in serialized form to readers of my Strange New Worlds newsletter. Part one is free to read. The other three parts are exclusive to paid subscribers.

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Hollow Planet

A barren planet holds a startling secret. Will discovery come at a deadly cost for these explorers?

Thomas led a team of astronauts from a nascent colony near Alpha Centauri B to the Proxima Centauri system after detecting an unusual radio signal. A barren wasteland greets them on an exoplanet in the star’s habitable zone. The stripped atmosphere and bone-dry soil hide a startling truth about the planet’s past.

Their search for the radio signal’s origin turns up a cave nestled in a mountain chain. But Thomas and his fellow astronauts have uncovered no ordinary cave. It shows evidence of being carefully engineered from a long-forgotten mysterious alien race.

Could these aliens become valuable new allies? Or will first contact lead down a terrifying and deadly path?

Hollow Planet is a suspenseful new science fiction story set in the Alien People Chronicles universe. If you love ominous characters and mysterious worlds, you’ll enjoy John Coon’s latest thrilling galactic tale.

Snow Dragon

An ancient monster has awakened from a deep slumber beneath Deer Falls. It is hungry and humans are on the menu. Will the monster drive the small Colorado town to extinction?

Enduring aftershocks are the least of Evan Duggan’s worries after an earthquake rocks Deer Falls. When he is called in to examine partially devoured remains of a local teacher, Evan uncovers evidence of a new reptilian species. This creature is unlike anything else he has encountered as a wildlife biologist.

It is massive, terrifying, and lethal.

Marie Duggan, his wife, is a podcaster who uncovers once-forgotten legends related to the mysterious creature. What she learns is a nightmare come to life. The creature is a vehicle of vengeance and a relentless killer. As dead bodies and disappearances increase around town, Evan and Marie must protect themselves and their son Casey while ending the threat facing Deer Falls.

Can they destroy the monster before it devours everyone in its path?

Snow Dragon is a chilling prequel to the popular horror novel Pandora Reborn. If you like terrifying monsters, ancient folklore, and small-town horror, you’ll devour this latest frightening tale from John Coon.

This story is also available in serialized form exclusively for paid subscribers of my Strange New Worlds newsletter and my Patreon page.

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