Hollow Planet Release Day!

First contact stories are some of my favorite science fiction tales. I’m captivated by the unknown. Mysteries fill me with excitement. For that reason, I enjoy including elements of mystery in both my sci-fi and my horror stories.

A compelling mystery drives the action in Hollow Planet — my newest science fiction short story. Now everyone has a chance to unravel the same mystery confronting Earthian astronauts Thomas, Alison, and Duncan and enjoy this new sci-fi tale for themselves.

Today is the official release day for Hollow Planet. It is now available to purchase and read in eBook and paperback formats from booksellers worldwide. readers can also buy their own copy direct from the Samak Press store.

Help me spread the word. Tell your sci-fi loving friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers all about this latest exciting story from the Alien People Chronicles Universe.