Snow Dragon: Release Day

October is the perfect time to read scary stories. This is especially true this year with both Friday the 13th and Halloween being celebrated in the same month. Snow Dragon will satisfy your appetite for a suspenseful and terrifying story.

I debuted Snow Dragon earlier this summer, publishing serialized episodes here at Strange New Worlds and at my official Patreon page. Starting today, Snow Dragon is now available in a complete single volume at major booksellers worldwide. You can download it as an eBook or purchase a paperback copy.

(Of course, paid subscribers to Strange New Worlds or my Patreon page can read every episode of Snow Dragon any time along with other subscriber-exclusive stories.)

Snow Dragon is a prequel to Pandora Reborn, set two years before the events chronicled in that novel. Both stories take place in Deer Falls, a fictional small town in Colorado. Deer Falls is a magnet for supernatural creatures and events and forms the backbone of a fictional universe encompassing many stories.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

An ancient monster has awakened from a deep slumber beneath Deer Falls. It is hungry and humans are on the menu. Will the monster drive the small Colorado town to extinction?

Enduring aftershocks are the least of Evan Duggan’s worries after an earthquake rocks Deer Falls. When he is called in to examine partially devoured remains of a local teacher, Evan uncovers evidence of a new reptilian species. This creature is unlike anything else he has encountered as a wildlife biologist.

It is massive, terrifying, and lethal.

Marie Duggan, his wife, is a podcaster who uncovers once-forgotten legends related to the mysterious creature. What she learns is a nightmare come to life. The creature is a vehicle of vengeance and a relentless killer. As dead bodies pile up and disappearances increase around town, Evan and Marie must protect themselves and their son Casey while ending the threat facing Deer Falls.

Can they destroy the monster before it devours everyone in its path?

Snow Dragon is a chilling prequel to the popular horror novel Pandora Reborn. If you like terrifying monsters, ancient folklore, and small-town horror, you’ll devour this latest frightening tale from John Coon.

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