Pandora Reborn Book Trailer!

Everyone has watched a movie trailer at one point or another. Ever heard of a book trailer? Same concept, only used for novels. It’s pretty cool.

Pandora Reborn now has a trailer.

After watching it, and seeing how much I enjoyed it, I wished I had created one sooner.

I had not given much thought to creating a trailer for my debut novel when I first published it last summer. It seemed prohibitively expensive because I wasn’t sure I would get a good return on my investment.

Questions always popped into my head every time I saw a social media post about book trailers. Would a trailer really boost sales that much? Could it draw in potential readers that couldn’t already be reached by a well-crafted tweet or blog post?

Seeing my Pandora Reborn trailer offers a new perspective. I love it. The imagery and music in the trailer match up nicely with the eerie atmosphere I tried to create within the pages of my novel. It really gives a new feel to the novel for a reader deciding on their next book.

Credit goes to Claire Perkins from Book Talk Radio Club for creating such an awesome trailer. I’ll likely reach out to her to do a trailer for my second novel when it is ready to be published this summer.

Take a couple of minutes to watch it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!