In Hell’s Shadow 

Trapped in an unfamiliar place far from home, Kate must confront a once-buried nightmare anew. Will it lead her to certain destruction?

Kate’s plans for a weekend getaway with Sarah take a frightening turn when her car plunges through a guard rail during a blinding rainstorm. Now left on a darkened canyon road with no transportation, and no way to reach out to Sarah for help, Kate is forced to accept assistance from a mysterious man in a beat-up pickup truck.

Hitching a ride with this stranger is the first step in a frightening journey to an isolated mountain cabin. Kate soon finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with this mysterious person who is connected to secrets from her past. Can she find the strength to deliver herself from this hopeless situation before it grows too late?

In Hell’s Shadow is an intense paranormal horror short story from author John Coon. If you enjoy campfire ghost stories, you will love this creepy tale.

Available exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.

Hiding From Shadows 

Ellen keeps a nightly vigil, guarding against her former husband Ray from returning to her Louisiana farm. A year has passed since she last laid eyes on him, but her fears have convinced Ellen that Ray lurks in the shadows. He waits there, planning his revenge for her breaking up their marriage. Can she escape his wrath or will death be her reward?

Hiding From Shadows is a serialized ghost story from author John Coon. If you love creepy tales that compel you to keep the lights on at night, you’ll enjoy this terrifying short story.

Available exclusively on the Strange New Worlds newsletter. Part one is free to read. The other three parts are available to paid subscribers only.