Here Comes the Fallen Sun!


I’ve enjoyed seeing so many readers around the world embrace Pandora Reborn so enthusiastically since I published it nearly a year ago. The good news is that my fans won’t have to wait much longer for my next novel.

I’m officially unveiling the title and synopsis for my upcoming novel. First things first. My second novel will be called:


Under a Fallen Sun 


Here is an exclusive teaser for Under a Fallen Sun:

A spring break road trip takes a wrong turn. Now Paige finds herself in a battle for survival against an adversary from across the stars.

Paige and her friends are put into dire straits when their car breaks down along a lonely Texas highway. They make their way into Travis, an isolated town seemingly deserted from all outside appearances. Paige is inexplicably reunited with her brother Todd, who vanished without a trace nearly a month earlier. An invisible barrier traps the group inside the town and they must unravel the frightening mystery behind what has happened in this small town if they hope to escape.

An enemy that they never imagined even existed is now on Earth. The fate of the human race itself may hinge on the survival of Paige and her friends.

John Coon, author of Pandora Reborn, delivers his newest pulse-pounding page turner with Under a Fallen Sun. This dark science fiction thriller is coming to you Summer 2019. 

Under a Fallen Sun will be available at major booksellers worldwide. I will announce a firm release date for the ebook and paperback in a future blog post.

This is a standalone novel. Under a Fallen Sun is not a sequel or prequel to Pandora Reborn and is not related to that fictional universe. I will continue to tell the stories of select characters from Pandora Reborn in future novels, but those projects remain in development for now.

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